Multi-Blue Colored Abstract Minnesota Map with a target radiating out from Central Minnesota

Clients Previously Served

At Lange Trenching our list of clients across all sectors is constantly growing. Within the commercial and municipal markets we are proud to have completed projects for:

  • City of Albany
  • City of Avon
  • City of St. Joseph
  • City of St. Cloud
  • Kwik Trip

Company Overview and Our Progress into the Future

Lange Trenching, Inc. is an excavating contractor based in Avon, Minnesota, that provides excavating services to a number of sectors — residential, commercial, agricultural, and municipal — throughout central and greater Minnesota. In business since 1971, we have grown from a small-town trenching company into an area recognized general excavating contractor. Throughout the years we have expanded our service offerings and continually added to our fleet of equipment.

In today’s competitive market we do all we can to keep up with the most efficient jobsite methods. This includes operating with specialized small and heavy equipment, retaining an experienced staff, and embracing technology advancements in all areas — communication, estimating, and actual sitework.

Through the use of two-way radios and cell phones, we can quickly relay important messages from our office location to even the most remote job site. Relying on computerized estimating and years of excavating experience ensures accurate bids with all factors taken into consideration. And when it comes to actually moving dirt, we utilize equipment outfitted with modern GPS Grade Control Systems, enabling us to achieve finish grades that meet the most stringent accuracy requirements. All of these efforts work together to increase communication, enhance services, and speed up job times — ultimately benefiting your project’s outcome and the bottom line.

As a self-reliant excavating contractor, Lange Trenching also maintains all equipment in our repair shop, allowing for increased knowledge of our machines and decreased down time. At Lange, we constantly strive to have the necessary services and facilities in place to provide the most professional services to our valued clients.